Sales & Marketing Overview

The Literary Ventures Fund works as a partner to publishers as well as booksellers and book clubs. Our objective is to invest in literature that can stand the test of time from the point of publication to the many years that can potentially follow in the life of a book. To help do that we offer discounted sales programs as well as special marketing assistance:

For Bookstores

Independent Bookstore Discount Sales The Literary Venture Fund offers special discount programs aimed at placing as many LVF books as possible before potential readers:

LVF JumpStart Program Initiative
JumpStart offers independent booksellers the opportunity to purchase books at a deep discount at minimum quantities on a non-returnable policy basis. This program introduces (or re-acquaints) a selected title and "jumpstarts" their sales. We offer booksellers a 60% discount for a minimum order of 25 copies, non-returnable. The simple idea is to have multiple copies of a single title featured in the stores so they'll sell.

The success of JumpStart has been accomplished as a store-by-store phenomenon. In many ways LVF works as an "old-fashioned" hand-seller—by using our direct relationships with key national independent bookstores, we are able to have them actively participate in the long life of each LVF supported book.

LVF Backlist Boost Program Initiative
This pilot companion program to JumpStart allows LVF to enter into an economic partnership with publishers on selected backlist or out-of-print titles, ensuring they remain in print and become available to quality bookstores at deep discounts.

LVF Book Club Boost Program Initiative
Through the BookClub Boost Program we offer book clubs a discount opportunity and facilitate engagement with authors through supplementary materials and direct contact. From libraries to religious intuitions, neighborhood associations to local independent bookstores, book clubs spring forth through any number of social channels. This program provides Book Clubs and Reading groups (note, all venues accepted) a 50% discount for a minimum order of 10 copies, non-returnable.

At 50% off the cover price, BookClub Boost provides reading groups an incredible deal, far out-discounting major publisher's book club programs. We also offer the same added value for a book club in the form of reading group guides, full press kits with detailed supplementary information about the book and author, as well as working with the reading group to arrange a conversation with the author either by phone, web, or an in-person meetings.

*Note on all Discount Opportunities: LVF works with each account to place a discount order to scale, depending on quantity requested. For example, if a store is participating in the Jumpstart program and orders 25 copies non-returnable or more, they can receive a 60% discount. For 10 copies non-returnable or more, they may receive a 50% discount, and so on. Discounting options may vary according to publisher and distributor.

LVF Pilots New 'Jumpstart' Program to Eliminate Bookstore Returns [October 11, 2006]
Literary Ventures Fund to Launch New 'Back List Boost' Program [January 23, 2007]

For more information please contact LVF Director of Strategic Marketing, Kate Travers at

Marketing Programs

LVF Social Networking Online: Whether it be MySpace, Shelfari, Goodreads, Facebook, or Library Thing, Literary Ventures Fund has a space on each of these social networking sites. Aside from our own website features, we use these online outlets to highlight special promotions, new book announcements and ultimately to get to know the readers of our books and the bookstores that sell them. Visit one or all of our sites.

Book Club & Reading Group Guides

LVF Book Clubs: Weither through a bookstore or as an independent club, LVF offers special discounts to book clubs. To get the conversation started we provide press kits that include a description of the book, the authors biography, quotes for the book from reviewers and other writers, and of course a reader's group guide. We will also work with a group to arrange for the author to join the discussion either by phone or in person.

The Literary Ventures Fund Book Explorers Club: A partnership with Barnes and Noble Book Club. Together with the Barnes and Noble Online Book Club, we're excited to bring you the Book Explorers Club, a place to gather and discuss your favorite literary discoveries, new and old. In addition, every month, we'll highlight a Literary Ventures Fund author and book of note. The Book Explorers Club is part salon, part talk-show. We'll be inviting authors and industry "guests" from time to time to get their perspectives from their corner of the industry on publishing.

Reading Group Guides:

The Spirit of the Place by Samuel Shem

Feather Man by Rhyll McMaster

The Big Eddy Club by David Rose

The World We Want by Peter Karoff

The Leper Compound by Paula Nangle

The Fires by Alan Cheuse

Because a Fire Was in My Head by Lynn Stegner

Monique and the Mango Rains by Kris Holloway

The First Hurt by Rachel Sherman